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Behaviour Consultation Success Stories

Dr. Sophie Nielsen, a member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in Animal Behaviour is always keen to help you establish a lifelong bond with your new pet by helping with behaviour issues. Here are some of her favorite "success stories".

success-stories-charlie1A 2 year old Whippet with Separation Anxiety. Charlie was escaping, damaging himself and parts of the house. We have made some modifications to Charlie's environment and given him some predictability about his days. Charlie has learnt some new behaviours and is also benefiting from anti anxiety medication. After 6 months Charlie is a content dog and secure in the knowledge that his owners will come home after a days work. It is great to see him more relaxed, just look for yourselves.

success-stories-lola1Lola is a gorgeous 4 year old Staffy that has been having trouble dealing with simple things in life such as loud noises, bath time, the hose and even the broom. Lola had also started to become unfriendly towards her doggy housemate. As you can see in the pictures Lola has come a long way, even enjoying a play at the beach. She is much better friends with her housemate now he is living with other family members and they see each other regularly. What amazing progress and joy she is now having and giving to her family. Great to see her smiling!!

success-stories-kona2A 5 year old Kelpie was slightly anxious in many situations that life presented to him but was especially worried during storms and other loud noises and on visits to the vet. Kona has been working on some behaviour modification with his owners. Kona has been wearing an Adaptil pheromone collar and taking some anti anxiety medication to help him learn to be calmer. Kona is now able to walk well with the family; he is coping much better with vet visits and is continuing to improve with his exposure to noises. Well Done Kona! And Well Done to his family for putting in the time and effort involved to teach Kona that the world is not such a scary place.

success-stories-db_2Some of you might recognize DB, a 3 year old Poodle. He has been going to work with his owner to keep residents company providing that unconditional doggy love. There are a few noises and strangers, especially workmen in HiViz vests that DB has been wary of in the past. He is gradually getting used to these with his owners helping him get out and about to socialize as much as possible. DB has a new doggy best friend Bundy who is helping him be a dog and keeping him busy playing all day. No wonder he is curled up asleep!

success-stories-bubbyPoor Bubby the Burmese recently lost her cat sister, and has been fretting, anxious and not sleeping ever since. Thinking that she was lonely, her owners found another Burmese kitten to be her new friend. Unfortunately Bubby was not a fan of the new kitten and they got into some nasty fights. The cats were living separately in the same household, and even with behaviour modification and other environmental strategies were not able to get along. After much deliberation the owners made the tough decision to find a new home for the kitten. We are delighted to report that Bubby is now enjoying being an only cat and is back to her old self, and the kitten loves her new home.

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