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Behaviour Consultations

72 VETOur pets are very important to us and are members of our family. Often when behaviour problems occur owners become upset and frustrated, this leads to a breakdown in the human animal bond and a difficult time in the household.

Here at West Gippsland Vet Care, we feel strongly about maintaining your pets health and welfare throughout your lives together. With the opportunity to now offer behaviour consultations, these troubling behaviour issues can be discussed and treated and you have the security in knowing there are ways to modify and treat these behaviours.

Please do not leave these issues unattended, give yourselves and your pet the support and help needed to ensure you continue to enjoy a great relationship.

Consultations can be at West Gippsland Vet Care in either Warragul or Drouin. If you prefer or your pet requires a home visit, this too can be accommodated.

Remember your pets' mental health is as important as their physical health.

To make an appointment call Dr Sophie Nielsen on 0434830740 or email on sophienielsen@wgvc.com.au

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