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Cattle Reproductive Ultrasound

48 VETHere at West Gippsland Vet Care, we are proud to offer cattle ultrasound pregnancy testing.

We currently own several ultrasound machines which we use attached to a probe for herd pregnancy testing. This is more accurate than manual palpation especially early in gestation. We recommend pregnancy testing between 6 and 18 weeks if accurate dates are required (within a week).  After this time the fetus may not be seen and aging is less accurate (within a month).  The ultrasound is less invasive than our arm and very quick.

We also have hand held ultrasounds which we use for early pregnancy testing (4-6 weeks in calf). This is very useful if wanting to make the most of your A.I period. We can identify your "phantom" pregnancies which have failed to come back in season and give these another chance for artificial insemination (A.I). Your Phantom pregnancies usually equate to around 15 to 30% of your joinings, thus can represent a large number of cows which fail with the A.I. We also identify those pregnancies which have early embryonic loss. Twinning is often identified at this early stage.

We use these hand held ultrasound scanners for fetal sexings. The cows usually need to be between 9 to 13 weeks in calf if you would like us to decipher the sex of the fetus.

We also use the ultrasound for your non-cycling cows. The ultrasound gives us a clear picture of the ovaries to identify the structures involved - follicles, corpus luteum (C.L's), cysts etc. We can also identify pyometra's (dirty / infected uterus'). After scanning the ovaries we can then prescribe the best treatment for each particular cow.

The key is to identify your non-cycling animals as early as possible. Please call us if you would like help with this.

For any questions or to try out our ultrasound pregnancy testing, feel free to contact us today.

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