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Our Support Staff

Jenny Throup - Receptionist

JennyJenny has worked at West Gippsland Vet Care since March 2000. She started working just 2 days a week doing some Veterinary Nursing/Reception duties. She now work full time and spends all her time at reception.

Jenny enjoys being able to meet our patients and their owners. She also likes to be able to give as much help as she can to our other clients.

Jenny grew up on a family dairy farm at Jindivick, helping in all areas over the years.

Jenny now lives in Trafalgar. Her 2 older boys live close by in Berwick with their families. She also has 6 grandchildren, Grace, Will, Samantha, Liam, James and Sarah.

Jenny has 2 cats, Billy and Oscar (both adopted from work).

She enjoys watching most sports; She is passionate about the AFL and follows St Kilda.

She played tennis and netball for many years.

Jenny has seen a few changes in her time here. Our new clinic is fresh and modern and she looks forward to a future of giving the best service we can to our clients.

Cindy Beaumont


Stephanie Smith - Office Manager

StephanieI grew up in Gippsland on a small beef farm. I have always had a great love of animals and loved helping the Vets whenever they visited our farm. I began working as a kennel hand and puppy school assistant at the Moe Vet Centre in 1992. I began full time nursing in 1996 and gained my Advanced Certificate in Veterinary Nursing (Now know as Cert. 4) in 1998. I worked my way up to Head Nurse and Financial Manager of the clinic before leaving with my husband Benton to travel and work overseas.

We spent 8 months in the UK where I worked as Head Nurse at a clinic in Essex before we headed home and joined West Gippsland Vet Care. Initially I developed and ran Puppy School and I am now the Office Manager. I really enjoy this job and love being a part of such a wonderful team at WGVC. I occasionally get to flex my nursing skills helping Ben after hours and you may sometimes see me helping out at reception.

My main job these days is looking after our 2 kids Noah and Ella and in my spare time I enjoy horse riding, gardening and catching up with my friends.

Irene Halligan - Vet Nurse

IreneIrene was born in Letchworth, England and immigrated to Australia when she was 13 years old. She became an accredited Dental Nurse and then later changed to Veterinary Nursing in January 1996 in Drouin and has her cert IV in Veterinary Nursing.

She lives in Drouin with her family including her pet family, a Staffy named Kato, a cat Suzy Creamcheese and a galah named Sam.

Irene enjoys travel, art, music and taking care of her family.

Naomi Wolfenden - Vet Nurse

NaomiI started at West Gippsland Vet Care in early 2005, when the clinic was still a small house building. Back then we had 4 vets and 5 nurses, and I was still studying my Cert 4 in Veterinary nursing.

These days, there are 10 vets and nearly more nurses than I can count! Although there seems to be lots of staff, I have never felt like just a “number”. Everyone is friendly and we all just get along somehow. It really is a great place to work.

One of my biggest achievements’ was finally completing my studies to gain my Cert 4 in Vet Nursing whilst on maternity leave with my first child, sometimes completing assignments while bouncing him on my knee!

At work, I enjoy the animals as well as the clients and feel good to be able to assist in nursing patients or helping in surgery. I also enjoy the reception side of things and enjoy helping in the smooth running of the clinic.

I live with my husband and our 3 children. We have a ragdoll cat named Mickey, some silkie chickens and a frizzle hen named Harry, who likes to fly onto the windowsill and watch the children play. She is quite a character.

Georgia Kemp - Vet Nurse

Georgia-KempI joined the West Gippsland Vet Care team in mid 2008 and not long after started my Veterinary Nursing Certificate IV which I finished in 2011. I started at the clinic as a kennel nurse after school 3 days a week and slowly worked my way up to joining the team full time.

Vet nursing is something I have always wanted to do. I love how each day is different and the thought of sending an animal home knowing that I had my input in making it better is very rewarding. Surgery and nursing "out the back" would have to be my favourite part of the job.

I own a blue and white border collie called Zhada (pictured) who I hand reared from 3 days old. Outside of work I spend a lot of time into training my horses who I compete dressage with.

Samantha Milner - Vet Nurse


I joined the WGVC team in February 2012 after completing my Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing at Werribee in 2011. I have always wanted to work with animals and find that nursing animals highly rewarding. I started out looking after my own horses with their various injuries and that was it, I was hooked. I completed a grooming course in May 2016 and since been doing grooming at the clinic on top of nursing. I reside in Drouin whilst my horses live in Jindivick and Warragul on separate agistments. I currently own three horses, a rabbit,  and 2 cats.

Felicity Lee - Vet Nurse

FelicityFelicity has been working as a part time veterinary nurse at West Gippsland Vet Care since 2003. With a passion for animals both large and small, she began working during busy periods & on school holidays, & now enjoys working mostly on Saturday mornings.

She has completed a degree in Animal Science and Management at Melbourne University, & is currently taking leave from Veterinary Science studies to enjoy time with her son.

Felicity and her husband Jason live in Drouin with their two sons Oliver and Harry, cattle dog Dusty & cat Neville.

Kylie Pegler - Vet Nurse


Marnie Barnett - Vet Nurse

MarnieI had the pleasure of joining West Gippsland Vet Care in 2015. I have been nursing for the past 22 years. Over this time I have seen and cared for many different animals but still believe the most important part of nursing is ensuring the animals in care are as happy and comfortable as possible at all times. I treat your animal as if they were my own.

At home I care for my husband and daughter, my Staffy, two cats, chooks, ducks & two horses.

My passion is competing in dressage on my Warmblood, Ochre.

Kat Hilder


Eliza Bullen


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